Malcolm Cressy

Malcolm Cressy, a New Orleans native, arrived in famed San Francisco in the Spring of 1979. He brought his passion for all things artistic, classic and designer to a unique diverse city to envelop himself in his new career. With a myriad of knowledge in sales and building loyal customer bases in past professions, Malcolm was ready to embark into the world of custom designer lighting. Malcolm flipped his professional light switch 'on' for his new business; Malder Lighting. After more than 34 years Malcolm and crew has created one of a kind custom lighting for hotels, households, designers, architects, restaurants, lounges and more.

Past clients include the Hotel Majestic and The Citizen Hotel, Restaurants Zero Zero and Fleur De Lys for whom Malder Lighting has successfully created premium unique lighting throughout. Malcolm's creations bring a blend of old world and modern tastes together to give thoughtful light and design to any space. Malcolm's long time dedication to his trade has been the driving force for Malder Lighting's longevity.

Noal Elkins

Noal Elkins walked into Malder Lighting from a referral. His background and work history not only included electrical wiring but an interest in music, nature, rock climbing, vintage mechanical parts, working with his hands and furniture restoration. Malcolm just happened to need an assistant and Noal was hired.

When not building or restoring custom lighting, Noal creates unique light fixtures of his own design that reflect his varied interests. His creations include standard lighting parts and salvaged finds. The creativity of these extraordinary light fixtures cannot be ignored. The window display draws people into the showroom.


Welcome to the Malder Lighting Company. We specialize in custom fixtures, reproductions, chandeliers and sconces all handcrafted and assembled in our workrooms.

You will receive all of the fixtures completely assembled and ready for installation.

We are able to modify any of the units you see on our site or in our showroom and will strive to meet any of your design inspirations. We are looking forward to working with you.